How can I migrate my cPanels to Vimzaa Website Hosting?

A quick overview for migrating cPanel Accounts to Vimzaa.


There are two separate methods exist for server-to-server migrations. Both are managed by us to ensure that the migration is as seamless as possible.

Method 1

It is the fastest and with least disruption; this is direct SSH access. If your existing hosting provider permits SSH access to your account, we can simply perform a cPanel to cPanel migration via SSH. This will retrieve your hosting accounts, leaving them fully online with no disruptions to your existing service. They can then be downloaded into your new Vimzaa Hosting account.

Method 2

If your existing hosting provider does not permit account-level SSH access, we would then use an account backup method. cPanel backups can be taken at an account level by your existing provider, or directly via the cPanel control panel if provided. The backup can be transferred to your new Vimzaa Hosting account via FTP. Once we have received the backup file(s), we can restore these for you and ensure your hosting platform is fully online prior to any DNS changes resulting in service changes.


Both methods will ensure that e-mail and database passwords are maintained. Please contact us when you are ready to migrate and we will be happy to assist.

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